The Negotiation Process

My goal to negotiate the best possible price and terms for both my Buyers and my Sellers. Below are a few negotiation tips to educate and assist you with the process

  1.  Only the Sellers and Buyers are parties to the contract and can make the decisions
  2.  Consider today’s market values
  3.  Offers are generally a starting point for negotiations; the ultimate goal is for both parties to agree on the price, terms and the conditions.
  4.  All contracts must in be in writing and all changes must be initialed by all parties.
  5.  The negotiation process can be emotional but should not be taken personally
  6.  An offer can be verbally revoked anytime BEFORE the written acceptance this is called the “right of recession”.
  7.  During the presentation of an offer, Sellers should not “hint” or give advice to the Buyer’s agent – all discussions about the offer should be in private between the sellers and the listing agent after the presentation of the offer.
  8.  The Buyers and Sellers should not discuss the offer with other parties until the deal is firm
  9. There are 3 choices for the Seller to respond to the offer: Accept, Reject and Counter
  10.  The “ceiling price” is as high as the Buyer is willing to offer; the “floor price” is as low as the Seller is willing to accept
  11.  The price may not be the only point to consider; the completion and possession dates, terms and conditions are also very important
  12.  The property will continually be marketed and shown until all subjects are removed.

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